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Who we are

Maremma Canapa is a network of agricultural enterprises in the Maremma Toscana, we cultivate Cannabis Sativa L. naturally, without the use of pesticides with biodynamic methods respecting the environment. The companies of the network represent the entire territory: from the lands around the capital to the metalliferous hills, from the wild countryside of the Farma valley to the milder lands near the coast.

The exposure and the climatic conditions favor the perfect development of the hemp plants, as in the past, when this beautiful plant was an integral part of our agricultural tradition, ensuring a constant quality of the flowers collected after harvest.

All the growers of the network have decades of experience in the most traditional productions of Tuscan culture: from wine to oil from ancient grains to officinal herbs.

With the desire to develop the multiple uses of this wonderful long forgotten plant and subject to too many prejudices, we have established this enterprise.

We have selected the best certified genetics able to best express the characteristics of Cannabis Sativa. From our crops the inflorescences are born with which, thanks to the experience of our collaborators we have created a high quality cosmetic line, without additives or completely natural artificial preservatives and a craft beer of great freshness.

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